Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Black Locust Blossoms

I got this idea from Euell Gibbons' Stalking The Wild Asparagus, the original Bible for the wild food devotee.  Black Locust is a wild tree that is abundant in the Midwest.  It is kind of a weed tree, you don't want it in your yard, it gets very tall very quick, and is brittle, so susceptible to blowing down in a high wind.  But in the spring, they are covered in these fragrant blossoms that are delicious!

It only took me a few minutes to gather this pile of blossoms at the cemetery near our house.  Just dip the blossoms in a thin batter, and fry them.  This would be good with many different toppings.  It was good with ketchup, with sour cream, and with cinnamon and sugar.  It would be good as a side dish, a light main dish, or sweetened a little with the cinnamon and sugar or honey as a dessert.  This is excellent food!  And it is free.

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