Thursday, May 23, 2013


Information on gathering wild foods is pretty scattered.  You wind up getting a little here, and a little there.  The internet is somewhat helpful, but the three best books we have found are these.  All should be available, if not still in print, then used.

The first and still the best book on wild foods is Euell Gibbons' Stalking the Wild Asparagus first published in 1962.  Gibbons' style is folksy and fun, it is really fun to read.  And just loaded with good information.  Every home that desires to eat healthy and green should have one.  The only problem I have with it is the illustrations.  They are not photographs, but hand drawn art, and not in color, so positive ID can be a problem if the plant in question is one I am not already familiar with.

The Macmillan Treasury of Herbs by Ann Bonar is from England, but really useful.  Not just describing edibles, it also has medicinal herbs, some recipes, cultivation tips, all the various uses of the herb in question, and all arranged alphabetically.  Positive ID is easy, the photos are clear.  Most of these plants grow here anyway.

The Randon House Book of Herbs by Roger Phillips and Nicky Foy is another really useful reference. The plants are arranged in it by use.  There is a major section on culinary herbs, salad herbs, vegetables, and a huge section on medicinal herbs.  Many like Dandelion appear in 2 or more sections, and everything is well and thoroughly described.  Great book!  

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